Bringing Joy into the World

I love the idea of bringing joy into the world. Whether it is by using my artwork to help someone feel heard, understood, and inspired. Or for an entrepreneur to use my mockups to help bring their products to life and increase their sales. It might be my Lightroom presets to help someone create beautiful photos of their children or a business to help their products shine. It might be bloggers who want their social media aesthetic to feel cohesive and stand out, bringing them new followers. I want all of us to win. I would love to be a support along your journey. I hope as you look around, you will find tools and items that will help bring more joy into your life.

Let’s Flourish Together


I believe in empowering others so we can all reach our dreams. One of the biggest challenges we face is spending our time on tasks that do not bring us joy. Let me help you speed up some of the difficult tasks in your life and help you get to the joy faster! 

After running a marketing and event company for 12 years that required post-production of thousands of photos monthly, selling artwork based on my photography since 2017, and now a mockup store since late 2019, I have been editing photos and using Lightroom presets across many mediums for years. My mockups are designed to help busy entrepreneurs and creatives speed up their workflow. 

By using my mockups and lifestyle stock photos, you can overlay your digital designs and artwork on top to create natural and realistic looking photos to demonstrate your work. I have sourced the blank items that are used by sublimation and Print On Demand (POD) companies (i.e., Printful, Printify, Gooten, etc.) so that you can use my mockups to accurately demonstrate what your items will look like in person. Also, my mockups are perfect for digital designers that want to display their SVG and sublimation designs. 

Most of my mockups are flat lays or taken from angles that will allow you to utilize simple and straightforward programs to quickly layer your designs on top. Picmonkey, Canva, Procreate, and Photoshop are just a few that can be used to make your products shine! If you are looking for items you do not currently see here, please feel free to reach out to me as I love working on special requests. 

Planting Seeds of Hope


I believe that words are powerful. In a time where words are often thrown around with abandon, it can be easy to forget their value. We may forget their power. But I believe that words are seeds that we can plant. I want to plant seeds of hope.

My artwork first came to me during a difficult time in my life. Initially, I posted my pieces anonymously on Instagram. To my surprise, I received hundreds of private messages that these words and photos resonated with people living through a multitude of challenges. Slowly, I began to realize that we all need hope. Although it may be difficult, we are capable of finding the strength to get through times that may seem insurmountable. 

With this in mind, I hope you will take some time and look through the Erin Plewes Creative Art portion of my website. I have created pieces that are being sold as small pieces of art. They come in various sizes, but many are small enough to fit onto a desk, cubicle, nightstand, windowsill, or other small area. These pieces are meant to be reminders - to help ground and remind you of your strength and bring you daily inspiration when you need it most. 

Upcoming Blog


Thanks so much for spending time on my website with me! I hope you find items to bring more JOY into your world. I will be kicking off a blog soon, and it will contain affiliate links. I earn a small commission if you purchase through my links. I am a part of the Amazon Associate program and earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for supporting my content and small business by shopping through my links!