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"Unconditional Love" Mini Pink Floral Inspirational Print | Desk Decor

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"Unconditional Love" is a mini framed photo of an inspirational poem that I wrote. Each photo is a mini piece of artwork I captured with my Olympus mirrorless camera. This small framed photo is a wonderful motivational reminder and is perfect for Mother's Day!

  • The frame’s compact nature fits tightly around the photo creating a thin black border. It has a glass front and conveniently has the dual option of either standing or hanging.
  • Its total size is 4” x 4” with a narrow depth and is perfect for a nightstand, desk, windowsill, dorm room, cubicle or other small space.
  • This item pairs nicely with other small inspirational pieces that I sell and when combined create lovely vignettes.
  • The small compact nature of this artwork is perfect for gifts. The piece fits nicely into gift boxes or gift bags and can be given on its own or paired with other pieces. 

"Unconditional Love" also comes in other sizes and framing options. Please click on the links to see the following options:

"Unconditional Love" 4x6 and 5x7 Framed or Matted Prints

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